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Comments and feedback about Cognet and our courses.
I’ve done at least 8 different first aid courses over the last 18 years in childcare, and this was easily the best by a long shot. Paul was entertaining and straight to the point. I will definitely be booking Cognet next time we have any training requirements.

The sessions this morning went really well – Cairen was excellent & struck exactly the right tone!

Great course. Always enjoy Paul’s training!

Fantastic, well organised course with fully-relevant information.

I have had a much nicer day than I expected. I thought it would be a rather dry (good conditions for prevention of bacteria growth) and dull but it was enjoyable and informative. Thank you Nadia!

Everything was explained in detail and being able to do hands on was brilliant. Excellent Trainer, Paul was brilliant and helpful in every way.

It was explained and demonstrated well. Didn’t make it boring. Tutor was really passionate.

Best and most informative first aid course I have been on (3rd one)

Very good course, excellent teaching!

Excellent confirmation and update of past knowledge put in to a “New” context

Today’s course balanced old and new information that I had & has left me with some things to look into in more depth. Excellent!

Very informative day, not only learnt new knowledge, but expanded on old.  Thanks, most enjoyable day which will help meet the business need.

Found the training to be at the right level. Will help in future delivery, very interesting. Paul was great to listen to and understand. Thank you for a great day. Really enjoyed the course.

Today I have received my merit award in Level 3 Award in Health and Safety. I have surprised myself in being ‘over the moon’ with my qualification following the exam at the end of your course – I haven’t done an exam since 1983 so amazed that I did so well. Lots was going on at work affecting my concentration perhaps, but the subject drew me in due to the trainers enthusiasm. I must have had 30 courses over the years and this one was in the top 5, I won’t say number one or this could encourage complacency! 😉

Excellent, relevant information delivered by a knowledgeable tutor. Everything well delivered and well explained. Excellent Training 10/10

I have really enjoyed the course and have gained valuable experience

I found it all very interesting. Darren was good and obviously enjoys his work!

A very pleasing, interesting course, delivered to a high standard which met everyone’s training abilities. Excellent trainer

It has provided me with the confidence and tools to deliver this training to my staff team to encourage development and promote best practice.

The course has been for updating knowledge and cleaning up questions. The information and format made for and interesting course.

Very interesting – hard hitting enough to make you remember, with lots of interesting case studies and facts that have come from first-hand experience. Very good – thank you!

My knowledge of first aid was poor. The course has given me more confidence in helping out. Very good course, well presented. The day went quickly.

Material was put across in a really good way, with personal experiences and case studies, which brought the course to life and will make the content more memorable.

Really useful – I feel much better equipped to handle a First Aid situation as a result. Thanks!

Interesting and informative with practical info to take back to the workplace.

Got me thinking about health and safety in a new way. Very good course and learned a lot.

Great course. Left feeling good about the training given and the things I learned, also some parts were discussed that came up in my Team Leader NVQ. Thank you.

Thoroughly enjoyed, learned loads and have recommended to everyone

Very good explanations, clear, concise, interesting and very useful. Trainer was very clear, knowledgeable and made the sessions very interesting.

Excellent – Interesting, good pace, knowledgeable and friendly trainer

Very knowledgeable and enthusiastic instructor, clearly passionate and his experience leads to great confidence for all delegates.

I enjoyed the course. It was presented in an interesting and fun way – most enjoyable

I can’t fault the content or delivery. The day has flown by and I look forward to day 2! Thank you

Very understanding and empathetic trainer. Overall good effective communication.

Good Presentation and tutor, good materials and handouts. Great interaction. A great day. Thank you

Very informative, excellent knowledge of the subject

Fantastic knowledge to understanding. Feel confident and loved the course throughout the sessions

Was a little worried about attending but loved every minute of it and learned so much

Description, advice and demonstration about care of a child in a wheelchair was very useful and rarely covered in other First Aid training

Your enthusiasm for first aid is infectious – Many thanks for a very informative and incredibly useful 2 days. Thank you for giving me confidence in myself to perform CPR and first aid if needed.

I found Darren very engaging and productive. He made the course interesting and I felt I learned more and retained more information than I have in the past. Many thanks

Really enjoyed the course. Trainer was informative and friendly and made the course fun.

Very Enthusiastic trainer with a thorough knowledge of his subject. The training was engaging. I would recommend to others.

I feel much more confident in dealing with minor and major accidents and ailments. The course was delivered in a fun and engaging way. Darren was thorough, approachable and clearly knows his stuff. Fantastic. Thank you.

As a first time first aider it has given me great confidence to apply first aid and use my skills to help others wherever I am – Brilliant life skills – We definitely recommend your services.

Excellent facilitator, great motivator and useful knowledge and experience. Thanks – excellent course. Gave confidence, reassurance and understanding

This is the first first aid course where I have felt that I’ve absorbed info provided. Very engaging, informative and delivered well.

Course presented by Paul who has passion and enthusiasm about the topics. Good knowledge about his area of expertise and inciteful anecdotes and case studies.

I had a great time, thank you. I now feel more confident about dealing with potential emergencies and incidents. It covered a lot, was very informative and put the information over in a memorable way.

Enjoyable day, plenty learned

I really enjoyed Paul’s delivery, was very enjoyable. Comfortable, understandable, full content all the way through. Excellent delivery.

Content confirmed current training. Interesting because of discussion and opportunity to relate  and link to [my companies] practice.

Great. You attended at short notice, listened well to points and put into context

Paul was very good answering all questions we had. Happy to help and made training enjoyable

I’ve learned a lot, trainer was very good and kept it interesting.

Brilliant, interesting. Good discussions. Helpful for my work.

Very informative and delivered in a exciting manner. If only all courses were the same

Very good course, excellent teaching!

I found the course greatly improved my knowledge of health and safety matters at work

Well taught in an easy to remember teaching style. Good facts and figures that are easy to remember.

Very good and feel more confident about first aid in the work place

Well taught course with many useful elements that allow me to be more confident in real situations.

I found the real life experiences interesting and easier to learn

Informative and professionally delivered with many anecdotes to remind you of necessary actions.

Interesting, delivered in a fun, relaxing way-great group of people.

Aimed at the correct level, well spaced out, gave us the relevant information, gave plenty of time for questions. Everything was explained clearly.

I have found this course very informative and very enjoyable – the manner of presentation made learning a lot easier.

It has helped me to understand medication more and given me more confidence in administering.

I found it informative and delivered in a lighter way than most courses which was enjoyable.

Presentation was excellent, the tutor made it interesting and enjoyable.

I found it very interesting and broadened my existing knowledge, going more in depth into subjects. Also learning about the other work settings.

Found it very interesting and helped me a lot in order to understand more about medication.

I found the course very interesting and informative.

Course was informative, in-depth and the case studies were explained in basic terms.

I enjoyed the course and found it interesting and useful.

Very interesting, excellent teaching skills, kept everyone’s interest.

I found the course relevant, factual and interesting. Paul had a relaxed and informative style of training which held my attention throughout the day.

Group discussions were a good way for all to involved. Paul kept course content to the point and interesting.

I have enjoyed this course as it relates to my work role, the tutor made it informative and interesting – the tutor, Paul, was excellent.

Everything was explained very very well. All topics covered.

The tutor was very knowledgeable about the topic and had the ability to draw everyone into conversation.

Brilliant course, far more aware of the dangers of fire.

I have learned a lot about first aid and how to deal with different situations.

Engaging course tutor and in a group that contributed. Excellent overall content.

Paul was very engaging with the group

We enjoyed the course and found it very informative

Nick was very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful with explaining things

Was very nervous, but had a great time though learning.

The course was delivered in an easy to understand way.

I felt the course covered all aspects of what I wanted to learn and the tutor made the day interesting and interacted with the group well.

The tutor (Glen) was good fun and kept us all motivated and stimulated!

It held my attention all through the course.

Very informative, delivered in a fun, interactive way.

I have learned a lot of information I didn’t previously know in an interesting and engaging way.

The trainer was very helpful and knew her subject well and put them across in a easy, friendly manner.

Enjoyed course. So easy to understand and retain information.

It was lovely,friendly and informed.

Great trainer, made course interesting and enjoyable.

I have learned about things not taught on previous courses.

Course was very comprehensive, Paul was extremely knowledgeable and has given me every confidence to administer first aid.